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The Big Move

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment


Catching up.

After 70 some odd days, we closed on our new house in Frisco at the beginning of December! Woohoo!

We have been moved into the house for 3 weeks now and it is a slow, but steady, process unpacking and organizing the house.  I can’t wait to be settled.

We have a lot of furniture to sell now, since what we have does not accommodate well in the new home.

Jonathan was able to take off all this week, less one half day, and has been gung ho working on the yard and inside the house. Bless him for taking the time to babyproof!

We’ve torn out 4 Crepe Myrtles and 2 Oleanders 😦  but can’t wait to replant new trees.

We have replaced all the locks, semi-babyproofed the home and the new garage door opener is installed tomorrow since the previous owners took off with the existing one. Really?

Then, the next big fix is the fence.  Hopefully, we’ll have that done by mid-January.

Little by little it is coming together and can’t wait to have our family and friends over to see it!  Maybe a little housewarming? 🙂

Till next time!

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Its Been Too Long

December 27, 2010 1 comment

I must apologize for the delay in any new postings in the last month.

So much has happened, but we have been so busy moving and with life, that I have barely had a moment to breathe.

Therefore, over the next week, I promise to have caught you up on everything that is new and fun in the Melugin home!



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